Organize everything


You can register, manage, and share
what you have and what you want with monoca2

You can register objects with information such as due date, price, date, photo, icon, memo, etc.

You can create categories and customise the items to be registered.

You can share your stuff data with your family and friends to manage your stuff together.

We want to recommend this app to…

minimalist, collectors, someone who loves to take care of their stuff!

Category samples

Food Clothes Daily necessities Medicine Toys Books Furniture Home electronics Car Motorcycle Camping Outdoor goods Cosmetics Beauty products Nail polish Perfume Color contacts Accessories Stationery Handicrafts Guessing Live performance goods Books Cartoon Movie Steelbook CD DVD Anime Game Card Figure Plastic model ...etc


You can customize what to register
depending on the item

Registration information is text, date, due date, number, URL, photo.
You can also change the name of information such as "date/purchase date", "Number/quantity"

Category is customizable

There are "What I have" list and "What I want" list. Also You can create sub category.

You can set due date and setup notification

The app can notify the expiration date of the food you've registered, or release date of the products you wanted.

Scan barcode of the product, search on Amazon,
and register directly from Amazon.

When you scan the barcode of a product and register it, you can extract and register product data from online shopping sites such as Amazon.
*Not all products and sites are supported.

Reliable billing system

Billing for monoca 2 is a secure one-time purchase.
You only need to pay once to use the full version of monoca 2.

Data is managed in the cloud

All data stored in monoca2 is managed in the cloud, so adding and editing things is synchronised in real time to other devices and shared devices.
The data is also stored in the cloud, so even if your smartphone is lost or stolen, the data in the cloud will not be lost.


The system supports text search in kanji, hiragana and katakana, so you can quickly find the things you want or are looking for.
You can also group things using coloured tags, making it easy to manage things.

Features Comaprison

Full version
Free version
Unlimited registration of products Registration of products will be limited to 100pcs
You can create up to 10 groups for sharing Create 1 group for sharing
Unlimited number of categories that can be attached to shared groups Up to 3 categories can be attached to shared group
No ads Ads will be shown